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April 21, 2010 / Brent Sears

The Plan

My original plan in college was to graduate with a BA in Spanish Education and then go on to graduate school and earn my MA in English as a Second Language.  The idea was that with New York State Certification to teach both Spanish and ESL I would be able to get a job anywhere in the world teaching one of the two languages.

It was a good plan, but more importantly it was a safe plan.  I had written scholarship essays detailing all of this and for my efforts I was awarded almost $5,000 between two study abroad programs.  The whole idea made a lot of sense.

The only snag came when I was in Ecuador teaching ESL to 4-6 graders.  About three weeks into my internship I had an epiphany: there is no way I could spend the next 25 years of my life in a classroom conjugating AR, ER and IR verbs with students.

I returned for my final semester as an undergraduate, and after a lot of mental drama over what to do, I dropped the education major, and ended up graduating with a degree in Spanish.  So much for being employable anywhere in the world.  What was I going to do next!?!?!


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