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April 23, 2010 / Brent Sears

Anxiety + Fear + Uncertainty = Senior Panic

This is it?  This is graduation?  This is the feeling of having a college degree?  Hey, who’s that man behind the curtain?

After going through all that hoopla: all-nighters, quizzes, exams, academic probation (for some of us), 20 page papers (en Español), textbooks, lectures, ad infinitum, it’s over and now you have to DO something.  This is a huge life shift that many students are not mentally prepared to handle.  This is where the mental theatre of all the awful things that could possibly happen start to take control.  And everyone is asking the same question, So, what’s next? Somehow responding, Living at home in my parent’s basement!, isn’t really the answer you like to give.

The reality is that you will be fine.  You’re not going to starve.  You are just in a transition phase.  Life is changing and that usually leads to anxiety, fear, and uncertainly.  Welcome to change.  It’s time to do something different than you have done before.  You are about to grow.  You are about to turn a page in your life.  Like in any exciting story you should be asking, What happens next? Instead you sit there for hours fretting about the change.  This is common.

I don’t know if there is a cure for Senior Panic, but a good way to fight it off is to do interesting/remarkable/meaningful things while you’re a freshman, sophomore, junior.  If you think the story is boring, then start taking steps to write a better one NOW.  What you do from here is your choice.

When in doubt, do something cool.  It doesn’t cost nearly as much as you think!


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