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April 26, 2010 / Brent Sears

Dream >> Plan >> Adventure

This is the simplest model I know for how to achieve anything: Dream >> Plan >> Adventure.

The dream is always the starting point.  It starts quietly enough in your head.  Often times we are embarrassed to share our dreams with others.  They are not real things, they are usually not common things, and there is always the potential to be laughed at or criticized.  With that, many people never allow their dreams to go any further.

The plan looks like it is the next step, but it’s not.  It’s actually the first gap as symbolized by these two arrows >>.  The gap is where people rationalize away why their dreams are out of sight.  I’m not good enough to do that.  I don’t have the money for that.  How would I accomplish that? The gap can be a good place if you can find the courage to jump over it and start to formulate a plan.  But for so many it is the stopping point; forever.

The plan is the place where you assess what you have, what you need, and when you need to pull everything together.  This is the place where you start to connect the dots, the resources, and the people needed to make the dream a reality.  This is where the fuzzy and nebulous dream becomes a real thing.

The second gap >> is where the work exists.  This is where all the execution takes place.  This may be a thousand little steps, that to the outside observer can seem disconnected and even random.  It is during this stage that you find out how good your plan is, where it needs to be adjusted, and how strong your desire to make your dream a reality really is.

The adventure is the compilation of all the criticism, all the work, and all the thought that made up the steps of your journey.  It is the payoff.  It is the reason you started in the first place.  It’s the dream in reality!

What’s your dream?  Can you put it into a plan?  With that, adventure anyone?!?


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