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April 26, 2010 / Brent Sears

How to Find the Seams

What worked for me was I knew what I wanted: to travel while in college.  I knew what I didn’t have: the money to fund a trip.  And I was willing to do what it took: play a full contact sport where my only protection was my mouthpiece, the man to my right, an the man to my left.

I went looking for the opportunity.  That cannot be understated.  I did not sit back and wait for someone to come to me and tell me about the award.  99% of students don’t go looking for the awards.  I decided to be in the top 1%.  It was a choice.

There are scholarships for everything under the sun.  I found one for rugby + international travel.  You can find scholarships that fits what you are looking to do.  You just have to define what that is.  Most students don’t know what they want, so they don’t bother to look.  Once you know what you need to do to reach your dream, you can define what you don’t have.  When you find something that you think fits, ask yourself if you are willing to pay the price.

If you do this, you are ahead of the majority of your peers, and its time to wrack up the coolness points.


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