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May 6, 2010 / Brent Sears

Opportunity and Inspiration

Inspiration comes first, then opportunities.  So the question is what inspires you?  What do you really want to do?  What do you believe in doing down to the tips of you toenails?  What would or do you do for free because you love it?  What do you want to try more than anything?

Don’t gloss over those questions.  Most people will.  It’s tough to decide what to do when there are a million options.  If you are chronically bored, then that is your signal.  You need to go on a search for what would inspire you.  It is better than sitting there doing the same old things because it is safe.  You are stuck, and if you stay there your in a worse place because you are stuck on stupid.

There are opportunities out there like never before.  There are things available to everyone today that did not exist ten years ago.  Define a direction and go for it.  You can always switch (admittedly at the cost of a little mental drama) and go in a different direction.  Follow the inspiration and you will find the opportunities.

The only thing you really have to fear is standing still.  Progress is a moving object.  If you are not moving then you are getting further and further away from reality.  (Thanks to A. Miller for teaching me that one.)


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