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May 6, 2010 / Brent Sears

When Things Go Wrong

This injury was awful for me because it meant that I couldn’t run for two months while my lateral collateral ligament healed.  According to my doctor in Ecuador, and confirmed by my doctor in the US, my knee was going to be okay in two months.  It really turned into six, and it was difficult to go from running or playing rugby five days a week, to sitting there doing nothing…..

My injury was certainly the most painful thing that happened, but ironically it is the thing I talk about the most.  The best stories I have from my travels are not when things went according to plan, but when they went wrong.  Now, I am not talking about when things go catastrophically wrong and can’t be fixed.  I am talking about bumps in the road.

Try it out!  Ask someone who has traveled to tell you a story.  Most of the good one are when they accidentally said something offensive at the wrong time, got lost, or ate guinea pig by mistake.  Nine times out of ten it is the unexpected travel adventures that are the most memorable and talked about.

In fact, I had breakfast this morning with a friend (in his 60’s) who was stuck in Italy for six days because of the volcano that irrupted in Iceland.  Did he freak out about it?  Nope.  He had a great time.

That is part of the adventure: when the situation changes, you have to adapt, and deal with it.  It is usually the most interesting part of the story.


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