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May 8, 2010 / Brent Sears

Internationalize Your Life

Geography no longer insulates people from each other.  Do yourself a favor and wrap your head around that idea.  Why do the majority of US citizens speak English?  It comes down to the fact that technology allowed people to move across larger land masses than they ever had before.  Introduce the transcontinental railroad and the uniformity of culture, customs, and language can spread over greater distances.

Now look at Europe.  It is made up of many countries with distinct languages, cultures, and customs.  The USA was built on a newer model.  It prospered due to it’s trade, it’s size, and because old boarders were not fixed and established.

Now look at this in light of the Internet, the airliner, and the construction of all the systems around them.  The entire world is now connected.  Instead of being insulated by boarders, oceans, and mountains everything is connected.  That is good news, because the playground and the neighborhood just got a whole lot bigger.  Why not find a new place to play, make some new friends, and get yourself up to speed?


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