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May 9, 2010 / Brent Sears

Fixed but Broken

There is a lot of talk out there about innovation for the future, which is certainly important.  But seriously, do we need things to change anymore than they have in the last decade?  Going from everyone typing on typewriters, storing paper in a filing cabinet, and flying all over the country/world to have a meeting; to using computers, storing files on shared drives, and using webinars, (my spellcheck hasn’t even caught up with that word).  I can meet with 100 people from all over the world from my Awficle.  [For those unfamiliar with my workstation its an office + cubicle.]  Guess what?  Workstations are changing too.

All that to say, do we really need the world to change anymore, or do we need the people who aren’t up to speed to have time to adapt?  All the technology is the cutting edge and now the role of education will be to move those in the center toward what used to be the edge.  It is a shift in societal direction.

Formal education has not caught up.  Formal education is never an early adapter.  That leaves a huge opportunity for those few who take the initiative and DO something connected to the way the world is now, but more importantly the way the world will be.  Formal education needs to change. The problem is, like Europe, it’s old borders are fixed.  Those in charge are happy with the size and structure of their world, and they are living on 20th century skills.


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