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May 10, 2010 / Brent Sears

Fear of Mistakes and Criticism

Boarders and borders have two different meanings.  The second one is the one that defines the edges of a country.  I used the first in a post two days ago and realized it last night.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t anxious that I had publicly made the mistake.  It was a typo that I missed in revision.  By the way, I do all my own revisions because at this point I am doing this blog to get used to it.  I don’t mind if I make mistakes like that in my writing.  I know that the content surrounding it was accurate, so if anyone is going to get hung up on a single word usage error, then they probably missed the point of what I was trying to say.

This blog is about throwing my ideas out there, not about making them perfect before I hit the Publish button.  Perfectionism is a project killer.  If you feel the need to be perfect all the time, then it is easy to never hit Publish.  I would rather submit an entry each day with a few typographical errors, than sit back and submit one entry a week that is perfect.

You are going to make mistakes in life.  Get used to it, admit it frankly, seek forgiveness if necessary, and move on.  Don’t get hung up on the small stuff.  You’ll do more and live better!


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