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May 14, 2010 / Brent Sears

Fear of Jumping

So here is the plan: spiral up to 10,000ft, open the door, move to the door, stand on the step, 1…2…3, JUMP, arch/arch/arch!!!

This was how my first tandem skydive went.  Was I afraid?  Yes, but I had already made the decision to jump long before I got into the plane.  When the door opened I was anxious, but not because I was afraid of parachute failure, breaking my legs, or dying from hitting the ground at 120mph.  Nope, those were minor fears compared to one: wetting my pants.

Bodily injury was actually not as frightening as lack of bodily control and looking stupid in front of seasoned skydivers.  The problem was, how could I ever face the jump master again being the guy who peed on him?!?

In new situations in life there is always a fear of jumping.  Skydiving may be and extreme example, but it is interesting that the prospect of personal injury was not as frightening for me as the prospect of social injury.  What would people I wanted to impress say about me?  This happens all the time in life, and most people forever remain timid due to the fear of jumping…for social reasons.  This happens in classrooms, at work, at parties, and on-and-on.

Why does jumping involve fear?  Simple!  You might fail…


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