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May 17, 2010 / Brent Sears

Driving at Night

Have you ever hit I deer?  I have hit at least three.  Two of which I hit at night.  (For those of you who love Bambi I bet you feel bad for the deer.)  I was unable to see them because by the time they came into the view of my headlights it was too late to avoid the collision.  It was bad for the deer and it was bad for my vehicle.  I could have stayed home and Bambi would still be alive and I wouldn’t have had to make an insurance claim.

Life is a lot like driving at night.  All you can see is the road in front of you as you drive on.  There are signs and indicators to tell you what is up ahead, but in the dark you have to trust that everything is going to be all clear.  There are other factors like rain, snow, ice, wind, fog, and worst of all, skunks!!!  I haven’t hit one yet, and I don’t want to.  These things all change the way you drive, especially at night.  On a clear night with a road that is familiar it is easy to pick up speed because you have been down the road before.    But venture into an area you are unfamiliar with, and most people will slow down due to a fear of the unknown.

Graduation is this Saturday for SUNY Cortland, and many students don’t know what is next.  It is just like driving on that unfamiliar road at night.  It is much safer to stay home, not venture out, and not risk what you might hit along the way.  The problem is that you will miss the adventure and the growth opportunities that await.  It is normal to be cautious and anxious about new beginnings, but don’t let Senior Panic stop you.  Build skills and connect with people.  If you do that, you will be fine.  I can’t promise you won’t hit any deer, but I would rather risk the life of Bambi than stay home watching Lost, and being worse off than the people on the island.

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