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May 19, 2010 / Brent Sears

Where Do You Learn

Where do you get your news?  Ten years ago you would have said from the newspaper, television, radio or talking to those around you.  Fifty years ago the options would have been even fewer.

Today we get our news from all of the sources mentioned above, but we have access to more sources even in those mediums.  Add the Internet in and (with maybe the exception of the people that are physically around you) you can find all those outlets online.  In the next ten years we will most likely get our news from an Internet source.

So if that is where we go to find out what is current, then where are we going to go to find other information?  Where are we going to go when all the information we would need to look up is online?

Finding information is not the same as learning it.  The difference is going to be that it takes a lot less time to find what you are looking for.  People will still need to learn new things, they are just going to find information in new places, and most certainly get to apply it in new places as well.  Can you feel the ground rumbling?


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