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May 21, 2010 / Brent Sears

Overload and Confusion Cycle

This idea changed my life when I found it a few years ago.  It’s simple, but the best ideas usually are.  When you get overloaded with things to do it creates confusion, which in turn leads to more overload, and on and on…

In the modern, or shall I say post-modern world we have a problem: too many choices.  Have you ever tried to find something good on satellite TV?  It is ridiculous to have 1000 channels and somehow nothing is on!?!?!?  When you can watch anything it becomes hard to choose what is best, because there might be something better on the next channel.

Now apply this to life: school, friends, dating, shoes, text messages, family, community service, social media, charities, religions, sports, jobs, and the Internet.  But what is worse is when all these things meet.  No wonder there is never enough time.

The solution is simple.  Cut down on the things you allow yourself to do.  (Okay, I said it was simple, I don’t say it was easy.)  If you don’t learn to say NO (especially to yourself), then life if going to be awful.  Being overloaded is usually as productive as doing nothing, but a lot more painful.  Break the cycle by cutting back.  It’s the only way.


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