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May 22, 2010 / Brent Sears

What a Four Year Old Knows

Consume – Produce – Share

I recently overheard a conversation that shocked me.  A four year old boy named Sam and his eight year old brother Colin were at the family computer playing on Club Penguin, and their mother was in the kitchen finishing up the lunch dishes.  The conversation went as follows:

Colin (8): Mom!!!  Sam has 95 friends on Club Penguin!!!  You are only allowed 100!!!  I only have 4 friends and I know all of them!!!

Mom:  Sam!!!  You can’t have friends you don’t know!!!

Sam (4): But Mom!!!  If I can’t have friends then no one can come to my igloo!!!  Ugh!!!  I want people to come to my igloo!!!

Brent: Wait until he is 7 and he wants facebook!!!

The eight year old then went ahead and deleted all 95 unknown friends.  It’s good thing someone knew how to do it.  Leave it to the eight year old.

Why does this matter?  Because of what a four year old knows: if he is going to consume content, he better be able to produce something, and share it with the world.  In six months he will be in the public school system.  Do you think six hours a day of dittos and coloring are going to keep him occupied?  A four year old has caught on to the technological revolution, and the adults in his life don’t have a clue about what to do about it.


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