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May 25, 2010 / Brent Sears

You’re Not a Thermometer

Do you measure yourself in degrees?  This is obviously a play on words but something worth thinking about.  Many people assume that the more degrees you possess the smarter and more capable you are.  Hmmm, good one!

A college degree, at any level, used to mean security, safety, and the ability to show that you were the right person for the job.  Does it really do that anymore?

Build useful skills wherever you are.  If it is at a college studying, then make sure you are doing things that make you grow in ways that can be valuable in the future.  Everyone who graduates gets a degree, but what separates you?  That is what you need to be thinking about.  And don’t get all hung up on the GPA.  Most people don‘t put it on the resume anyway.

What you want to put down in something cool: a semester abroad in Mexico, or work done for Habitat for Humanity.  These things are conversation starters during interviews, or better yet, when you meet people randomly at Subway.

Stop thinking in degrees and start thinking in ways you can be a more valuable human being, because that is what the world needs.  There are enough people who fill time in life.  Don’t be one of them, especially if you have invested a small fortune in a college degree.


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