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May 29, 2010 / Brent Sears

The Worst Sure Thing

Could I have been a Spanish teacher or ESL teacher?  Yup!  It was a sure thing in 2007.  I had a very respectable GPA, international travel under my belt, and I liked to teach.  I knew where the money for graduate school was, so funding wasn’t a problem.  There were teaching jobs all over the place for Spanish.  They couldn’t fill the positions fast enough, and with dual certification to teach English or Spanish I could work almost anywhere in the world.

The problem was I don’t like learning in classrooms, the student-to-teacher ratio is too high, and I don’t like teaching languages.  So I dropped the education major in my final semester at Cortland, and walked off into no job, a totally new direction I was unprepared for, and no money.

The question, “So what’s next?” was my biggest fear.  I should have said, “Prepare for the next big wave in life.”  But that is not a parent approved plan like being a Spanish teacher.  By the way, guess who is getting cut at schools all over the state right now? And just as I would be finishing up my master’s degree.

My advice: don’t settle and don’t sell out.  You may have to do some seemingly pointless work for a while, but keep moving forward.  If you have skills, integrity, and do meaningful work, then there will always be something for you to do.


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