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June 3, 2010 / Brent Sears

Study Abroad 2.0 (Please Steal this Idea)

When I went to Mexico and Ecuador in 2006, I vaguely knew what blogging was, and Youtube was only a year old and not owned by Google yet.  I went on my programs, took my courses, and came home with some pictures.  It’s a good thing I shared them with friends on the trips who posted them on Facebook, because my computer crashed the next semester and everything was lost.  I used a digital camera, but I didn’t take sharing my content any further than that.

If I had it to do again this is what I would do:

1). Take a webcam and make videos of cool things once a week and post to Youtube

2). Start a blog that I post to at least three times per week

3). Contact my favorite teacher from high schools and ask to share it with him

4). Contact my college academic advisor and tell her what I was doing

5). Tell every professor in my department and ask how they could help me share the content with their classes

If you are studying in a foreign country, then you are doing something remarkable that people will want to hear about.  I didn’t understand this when I traveled.  I thought I was the only one who was interested in my trip.  What I should have done is produced and shipped content for my former teachers, so that they could see the adventure that they had a part in building.  It would have been the best way to show I was thankful…guess what I am doing in Australia in less than 20 days?!?!?

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