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June 22, 2010 / Brent Sears

Where Did You Learn the Most?

I ran this idea by a friend in college yesterday and I found it to be true:  Where did you learn the most?  It had nothing to do with his classes.  Nothing to do with an exam he took?  Nothing to do with a lecture that blew him away and made him rethink some small part of the universe.

He learned the most from a librarian and an organization he was working with.  I know a lot of people who never stop to admit that fact.  Wait a minute, the real learning didn’t come from the place it was supposed to?  It didn’t come from a professional on the subject while sitting in a room with 32 other people?

Be honest about where you learn best.  It is easy to not consider it, but when you do it is profound.  Is it really inside a classroom with people your own age?  Is that where personal innovations of the mind and the discovery of practical surprises pop up?  If so, keep taking that class, because it will be one of the ones you miss when you are done with it.  The final will be terrible not because it is a test, but it is the last test in a course that changed you.

But was is the course that changed you?  Or was it the instructor?  Chances are that instructor was able to do two things: 1). make you forget about the classroom 2). connect with you emotionally.  These are the people you will miss for the rest of your life.  That is because they changed you for the better.

How can you be one of those instructor is someone else’s life?  Someone who people can’t help but miss?

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