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June 26, 2010 / Brent Sears

Are You Smarter than Qantas Seat 55H?

I wish my seat came with an instruction manual. Okay, I thought that, but if I had a guided tour on everything it would take the discovery out of the trip…like this: take your head, tilt it to one side to almost touch your shoulder, and the hold the position for 2 hours, at least.  I was 16 hours into this flight (I took the same plane from JFK – LAX –SYD) before I realized that the head rest on my seat folds inward on each side to support my head.  I woke up the lady next to me to show her.

I am currently writing on a full plane, with barely enough room to type, but I have figured out seat 55H, which is on the right side isle.  This plane (it holds 400) is so big that in coach there are 10 seats across, divided into three sections.  Usually I like the window but there is nothing to see over the ocean, and on the first flight, an attendant showed me how to raise the armrest in the aisle.  There is a slider underneath that you squeeze, but they only raise them for wheelchairs.  Without raising it I wouldn’t be able to type without driving my skinny elbow into the non-English speaking woman next to me while she sleeps.

I typed all this out and then decided to do it in word problem form, because to me the answer is not worth knowing: Luke and Colin, you can have fun with this one.

If Brent left Tully at 539am to make the Amtrak train that arrived in NYC at 1330; and then from there he waited in JFK until 2030 pm, when he left on Qantas for a 6 hr flight to LAX…1.5 hrs in the terminal, and then 16 hrs to Sydney.  If Brent weights 187 pound holding his Kindle, then how many people are on the plane???

That’s for all my math teachers!!!


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