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June 26, 2010 / Brent Sears

New Zealand Plan before LAX

On the flight from NYC to LAX I was seated next to a women from New Zealand named Emily and her son, and across the aisle was a man named Cray from Melbourne.  Cray was coming back from visiting family in NYC and he was amazed at the Kindle.  It has been a great icebreaker.  We got to talking and he told me how to find and buy tickets for rugby matches.  It was great!

Emily, who is a school teacher in North Carolina where her husband is stationed with the Marines, was telling me how to find rugby in New Zealand, if I can make the trip.  The best part was that she explained to me how to navigate the south island of New Zealand, where all the action is.  I had paper, but she insisted on using the barf bag from her seatback.  She outlined notes with drawings for me on both sides and told me how to save money.  I need to buy a cheap tent and a sleeping bag if I go.  That is going to mean off-loading 1/3 of my gear…no problem.


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