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June 26, 2010 / Brent Sears

What Hasn’t Worked

Let’s visit what has gone wrong, briefly.  I decided in the last couple of days I wasn’t going to travel with suitcase-type luggage.  I was going to be a backpacker on this journey with an undetermined end date.  I bought an Osprey backpack at EMS and worked closely with the manager to make sure I got the perfect dimensions so I wouldn’t have to check my bag.  This was going to be a 100% carry-on trip with no lost luggage.  I also bought a waterproof camera bag and a daypack that folds up into itself and is the size of both my fist put together.

So I get to the check-in counter and I am trying to act all cool as if I am going to carry it on, and the attendant says I need to weight it; and guess what, I am over weight.  So I pull out the daypack, unfold it, and realize the thing is HUGE!  I was stuffing gear in it like crazy and I didn’t fill it.  The one thing I forgot was my glasses though and I hope they weren’t crushed under the plane.  After reading Vagabonding, being overweight, and having to check my bag, I realized that I over-packed.  I am seriously thinking of offloading 25% of my stuff in the first week.  There is so much that I don’t really need to make the trip.  This is the biggest thing I have learned so far!


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