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July 2, 2010 / Brent Sears

Starting Points

Where you are from is simply your starting point. You didn’t get to pick it; you just get to start there. It shaped you, for sure, but you can always leave and go somewhere else. (This is the point where you internally disagree with me and list the reasons why you can’t leave.)

In the last week I have crossed multiple time zones, ridden multiple planes, subways, trains, automobiles, ferries, buses, cars, gondolas, and a moped named Grey. I have crossed so much territory, but in the end I am always from New York. (I associate more with Preble than I do with Homer.)

It is where my roots are. It is where I learned so many lessons. It is where I prepared to be who I am today. It’s where the majority of the people are who have taught me most of the things worth learning. My foundations are always going to be there, no matter where my feet take me.

I am not homesick in the least, but I miss you all at the same time. I am having a great time, but it is sitting here in dining area of the backpacker inn that I am proud of where I came from; proud of the people I have the privilege of knowing; and proud of my story thus far.

I have also successfully navigated my 28th birthday in secret. No one has wished me happy birthday today, and I like it!!!!!


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