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July 14, 2010 / Brent Sears

Amanda from Ireland

One morning during my trip I was sitting down to breakfast on Magnetic Island.  I turned on my kindle and the screen went from a photo of Ernest Hemingway to a bunch of lines through his face.  It looked like an Etch-a-Sketch gone bad.  From that point on my Kindle was fried, and I was left with no reading material the rest of the trip.  Something else also happened on Magnetic Island that was strange.  My flash drive went crazy and would not save documents.   Legend has it that when Captain James Cook was exploring the island it threw his compasses off.  According to locals there is no evidence that the island has magnetic powers, but it killed my technology while there.

Anyway, I called Amazon yesterday to see about the situation, and I was routed to a “Kindle Specialist” named Amanda.  We found out that the problem was with the hardware and not the software…a magnetic island, maybe???  Since it was defective and still under warranty we started through the replacement process, and this is where the service was awesome…but that is what Amazon built its reputation on.

She was going to overnight me a new one, but I was leaving town (again, I know) so she said she would ship it to where I was going.  But I didn’t have the exact address, so she suggested I give her the information I did have.  She Googled it, found it in 30 seconds, and my Kindle will arrive today pre-loaded with everything that was on it before.  All I have to do is send back the old one with a shipping label she sent me via email.

Here is the funny thing, Amanda did all this for me from Ireland.  I didn’t have to go to the store, stand in line, or physically do anything; replacement is on its way.  This is yet another example of the fact that if you have a computer with high-speed internet you can be anywhere in the world and get the J-O-B done, if the system is set up correctly.  I can’t wait until the day when cubicles are on display at the Smithsonian.



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  1. alessandraspeaks / Jul 14 2010 09:04

    Maybe your next trip should be to go see Amanda. 🙂


  2. Sue / Jul 14 2010 09:20

    Welcome home! Can’t wait to hear all about your adventure!!!

    Miss you!!!

  3. brentsears / Jul 14 2010 10:52

    She was a lot of fun, but that would be a huge investment. On the other hand she could probably help me find rugby tickets, a great place to stay, and cool things to do in Ireland. Alessandra, you may be on to something!

  4. alessandraspeaks / Jul 14 2010 11:09

    Haha, let me know how it turns out! I’ve always wanted to see Ireland.
    Glad I could help 🙂


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