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July 19, 2010 / Brent Sears

Model: Learning to Solve Interesting Problems

Type 1. You can take a class where you learn technique, facts and procedures.

Type 2. You can take a class where you learn to see, learn to lead and learn to solve interesting problems.

Off the top of my head I don’t remember any of the exams I took.  It was the lessons that I remember; the moments in class where I was faced with a question that I had never thought about before, and waiting for a clue to a possible solution; that is learning.

All learning involves fear…because failure could easily be the outcome, and an F on your report card means trouble; and we need to avoid trouble at all costs.

Question + search for solution = learning (but this is scary) [could = trouble]

Great teachers take the fear out of learning, or at least guide you through it.  They make it okay to fail, get a wrong answer, or venture down a wrong path.  The greatest learning experience I had in college was figuring out from start to finish how to travel; from dream>plan>adventure, I had a lot of help.  It has a little to do with the classes, but most of what I learned came from outside the four walls.  In fact, most of the “heavy lifting” was done by secretaries, advisors, and friends who gave me guidance/encouragement/support.  They helped me solve interesting problems…problems that I went looking for.


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