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July 22, 2010 / Brent Sears

Model: It’s Great to Ask Questions

Have you ever met someone who you hated to ask a question because they made you feel stupid for not knowing the answer?

The people who encourage you to ask them questions are the ones who do the most for others.  They are the people you go, because they are a trusted source that can find answers, even when they don’t know themselves.

Again, if you are curious, learning to lead yourself, and solving interesting problems, then you are going to generate lots of questions.  Some are going to be stupid, but the majority of them will be challenging.  If the teacher, advisor, secretary, professor, or old school bureaucrat appear to have “better” things to do, but they are a vital link in the chain, then things can get difficult quickly.

The best teachers encourage questions, and at the same time make the ground rules for asking them clear at the start: ask before class, come to office hours, Tuesday is my busy day, etc.

These people are the best people you will ever meet, because they cut through a lot of needless work and hassles; all while getting you where you need to go!


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