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July 23, 2010 / Brent Sears

Model: Caring about the Outcome

What great teachers do:

They care about the world they are sending their student into.

They care about their students personally.

They care that their students are getting the best resources/guidance/instruction.

They care that their students will be able to learn without them.

They care about engaging their students.

They care deeply about their subject and content.

They care about their legacy.

They care about where their students go.

They care about their work beyond the classroom.



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  1. Aaron / Feb 3 2011 12:33

    Great post Brent and nice program overall. As a teacher, I think you really nailed what is important. Lots of people know lots of information and aren’t offering much in the way of positive impact on our world. Just knowing stuff isn’t enough. It has to be more. Broader. Deeper.

    • brentsears / Feb 3 2011 14:11


      Thanks! Living in an always on wikipedia/google/youtube world the information is becoming less and less valuable. In the past schools were arranged around libraries because information was scarce. Now, you can find the best minds in the world in seconds…and via email usually get a response back if you have a question.

      Now, it’s people like you, who put the time into who change lives. The other cool thing is that students, no matter what the age/background/level, come and learn from you because they want to. Keep up the good work!


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