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January 1, 2011 / Brent Sears

Where Do You Learn?

Where do you learn?

In a room with 23 people?

In a mall?

In bed?

At the library?

In a coffee shop?

On a boat in the middle of the Australian jungle?

It depends of what you are looking to learn.  With the explosion of information outlets, and the betterment of the Internet, it is possible to get information almost anywhere.  Ten years ago there was no Google, Youtube, Facebook or Wikipedia.  What did we do before we could find the answer to anything by Googling?  It is hard to imagine how we functioned.

In the coming year these sites, and maybe new ones, will get better.  Information is available anywhere a connection can be found, and the ability to collaborate and connect will be simpler than ever with grandmothers everywhere getting in on the act.  Thanks iPad!

So with so much choice, where do you learn in 2011?  Will in be in the same places as 2010?





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  1. Ashley / Jan 5 2011 22:02

    Thank you for this post. Something I need to be thinking about more and more.

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