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February 17, 2011 / Brent Sears

Education and Schooling Are NOT Interchangeable

Education is not the same thing as schooling.  Most people assume it is.  In order to get a good education, most people really mean you need good schooling.  What do people put on their resumes under the heading EDUCATION?  Everywhere they attended school – and then what they hopefully learned.

With the Internet it is now possible to get a high quality self-directed education from the best minds in the world without going to a physical school.  Not to say that physical schools don’t provide quality education, but what happens in a world where you can learn everything you need online?

Khan Academy is working on that interesting problem.



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  1. brentsears / Feb 20 2011 18:54
  2. newsedgame / Feb 22 2011 00:19

    I’m afraid I disagree that everything you need to know is available online. There’s noway to learn how to be a social person online. We are only a success if we are able to help others. That’s hard to do online.

  3. brentsears / Feb 22 2011 01:22

    Thanks for the comment on this!
    Using the word “everything” is referring to all the content that can be learned in a classroom.
    As far as learning communities that is changing too. Blogs are a good example of ways to connect with others regardless of distance, class, or economic standing in order to join the conversation.
    Helping others is easy to do online. You are helping me think through my ideas. Sal Khan of has helped millions of people learn. has helped hundreds of projects find funding in order to launch. Email helps people communicate.
    We need people and we need social interaction. I will even go out on a limb and say that classrooms are not good places for socialization or helping people.
    This blog is about helping individuals find ways to build their education around their travel…not the other way around. My audience, as life-long learners needs more education, but not necessarily more school.
    (If you would like I can talk further about what schools teach students socially, and I would love to hear your thoughts!)

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