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February 28, 2011 / Brent Sears

After Scholarships Are Submitted

It is a good idea to know where you scholarship goes when you submit it.  In the last few years more and more institutions are going toward the online submission process, but there are still some paper applications.  Regardless of which format is used someone is going to receive the scholarship applications in order to process them.

The office in charge of administering the scholarship will most likely receive it.  An administrative assistant or a secretary will most likely check each application to make sure they are complete and everything is in order for the next step.  They also need to make sure that the committee is in place and the evaluation criteria is attached.

Once everything is collected and organized, the selection committee either gathers to review the applications together, or they are each given access to the materials for individual review.  They are also given a rubric in order to rate each application.  Often times the standards for winning the award will be the same as what was listed on the scholarship information that was available for all to see.

Once the selection committee has completed their review, one of two things will happen.  The first possibility is that a senior administrator will take the recommendations of the committee and make a final decision.  This person may have the power to overrule the committee.  Or the administrator will simply look at what the committee has done (he or she will most likely be on the committee) and sign off that everything is complete.

Guess who gets everything from there?  It’s the administrative assistant or the secretary.  They  will then contact the foundation in charge of dispersing the money and announce the winners.  From this point on if there is any question about the awards it will be handled by the office staff.

Tomorrow I will touch on this same process, but how an applicant needs to think in order to approach it successfully.



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