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March 5, 2011 / Brent Sears

The Alternative to Scholarship Work

The alternative to scholarship work is per hour work.  I have done my share of per hour work, and for most jobs available to high school and college students you learn all that you are going to in the first few weeks.  But there are some advantages.

In per hour work you get a fixed amount of pay for each hour you work.  If you show up and do what is required you will get paid.  You get a check every week or two as long as you keep showing up.

Usually there isn’t a lot of thinking involved, so when you are done you don’t take the job home with you.  There isn’t a lot of personal investment on your part.  The responsibility of planning, organizing, and coordinating is usually on someone else.

But is the per hour job helping you advance in the direction you want to go, or are you doing it for the money?  It is more than alright to take a job to help you get through.  Buying food and paying rent are important to most people.  What you need to be working toward is a job that pays you, and helps you toward your goals…per hour work that is part of scholarship work.


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