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March 9, 2011 / Brent Sears

Bulletin Boards and Giving Gifts

Opportunities and Noise

I started this habit in college and I had forgotten about it until the other day when I was at my local library.  There on the bottom of the board was an application for a Light Work Grant worth $2,000.  I’m not a photographer but I know someone who is.  She is amazing and the one thing she lacks, more than money, is confidence in her work.  (I’m not kidding, she is really good.)

There was only one application on the wall, which left me with a moral dilemma – do I take it?  I did, and I am going to give it to her as a gift.  Here is an opportunity for her to break out and get into something that could take her into the career that she loves.  At worst she could find out what they are looking for and work for an entire your to win next year.

But I know what she is going to say inside her head.  Things that we all inwardly think before we take the leap to start our art…I am not good enough.  Other people will beat me.  The judges will probably laugh.  I didn’t go to school for this.

So I have decided that this gift is going to come with a second gift.  I am going to invite her to sit down with me and write out a list of all the reason she won’t win.  All those fears that are holding her back.  Then, if she is still interested, I am going to tell her why I think she should move forward and apply.  If she takes it, then great, and if not then that is great too.  It was just a free way to give a gift…sometime all people need is someone to encourage them and tell them they can.

Assignment: Start scanning bulletin boards and emails looking for opportunities to give gifts to those you care about.


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